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01202 741718

treatments & fees



at JDC, we make time for you by providing longer appointments with extra time and extra pampering but only charging standard prices. Please, check out all our 'little extras' listed below.



nail care treatment

nail health assessed;nails cut, filed, reduced and reshaped (as needed). Dry/fungal nails treated with essential oils;
brittle nails protected with nail hardener. Heels filed, followed by a relaxing foot massage using quality foot cream.
Please note that very thick and fungal nails will incur a higher fee.


from £20

(30 mins)





full foot care treatment

foot care needs assessed; nail care treatment as above; corns, calluses and hard skin removed; heels filed; relaxing foot massage.



(40 mins)




extended foot care treatment

for feet needing a little more time and attention.



from £32

(40+ mins)




ingrown toenail

assessment, treatment, dressings, after-care advice.
Please note that if your toenail is infected, you are advised to seek antibiotic treatment from your GP first.






verruca treatment

treatment options discussed,verruca pared and treated, care advice and treatment plan.






home visits




from £30



diabetic foot care treatment and advice is also available







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